SCAN 3D Handheld Scanner, Handheld scanning measuring machine

1.Automatic positioning of target points, no additional mechanical arm or other tracking equipment
2.Scanned objects can be moved without fixing
3.the external environment has small impact on scanning accuracy

Product Details


SCAN 3D handheld laser scanner is the latest R&D products of NANO, By using three-beam laser to obtain the 3D point cloud of surface, the operator can hold the device to adjust the distance and angle between the object to be measured instrument in real-time, which is flexible and convenient to operate, simple and easy to learn. When scanning large volume objects, it can cooperate with the global photogrammetry system to eliminate the accumulated error and improve the precision of global scanning. The scanner can be easily carried to the industrial site or producing workshop. According to the size and shape of the scanned object and the scanning working conditions, it can carry  out efficient and accurate scanning.


2. Technical Features

Self positioning: automatic positioning of target points, no additional mechanical arm or other tracking equipment; Scanned objects can be moved without fixing;

Automatic generation: point cloud without stratification, generate 3D solid graphics automatically (triangular mesh surface)

Lightweight portable: Handheld arbitrary scanning, easy to carry, weight less than one kilogram;

High definition: two high-resolution image acquisition unit and a set of laser transmitter, scanning more clear and accurate

Strong stability: the external environment has small impact on scanning accuracy, can work even under the direct sunlight;

Ultra high cost: the price is much lower than the same type of handheld laser scanner, the performance is similar to high-end scanners

Wide range of applications: internal and external scanning, also can be used in narrow space scanning, such as aircraft cockpit, automotive interior. There is no limit to the table board. At the same time, more than one scanner can scan at the same time. In the same coordinate system, there is no need for later splicing;

Support remote work: using Gigabit Ethernet connection, can support remote work;

3. Parameters






Light   Recourse

Light Source Type

Class II

Light Source Mode

Three beams parallel laser


Basic Distance




Depth of Field


Measuring   Scanning

Scanning Speed



Max. 0.06mm

Volume Accuracy

(Using the scanner lonely)


Volume Accuracy

(Together with SCAN system)



Cable connector

 Data and Power integration

Data transmission connector

using Gigabit Ethernet connection 

Software output

Ply, onj, igs, stl, stp, fbx, wrl, etc.


Temperature Range


Humidity Range


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