Fast Video Measurement Machine,Surface Scanning Measuring Machine,3D Optical Surface Scanning Machine

1.Multi-threaded calculation, high calculation speed.
2.Quick access to the surface of the parts point cloud data
3.Cultural relics scanning and 3D display

Product Details

A. System application scope

The Reverse Design : Quick access to the surface of the parts point cloud data, construct a three dimensional mathematical model, so as to achieve the aim of product rapid design.

Product Testing : Production line product quality control, form and position size detection, especially suitable for quick and high precision detection for complex curved surface, can detect castings, forgings, stampings, mold, plastic, wood and other products.

Other Applications : Cultural relics scanning and 3D display, abnormal tooth correctional, plastic surgery and the upper surface operation.


B. Product Technology Advantage

The Advanced Core Technology: Adopting international advanced heterodyne multiple frequency phase shift 3D optical measurement technology, the vast majority of objects without surface spray treatment can be directly scanning and can scan colorful even black objects.

High Measurement Speed: Multi-threaded calculation, high calculation speed. A single scan calculating time is 2 ~ 4 seconds which can gain 1.3 ~ 4 million points.

Measuring width is adjustable: According to user’s requirements, equipped with one or more group of lens, which can achieve a variety of measurement level, single measurement width: 32mm×24mm~1000mm×1000mm。

Automatic stitching: Global matching the scanning process, automatic splicing, supporting the based on landmark and measured workpiece’s  characteristics splicing.

Choose to scan: Scan with high efficiency, support manual selection scan, improve the efficiency of scanning speed and post-processing.

Color scan: In scan 3D shape of objects at the same time can also scan and output the texture information.

Rich Post-processing function: A point cloud optimization of noise reduction, fusion point cloud overlap (delete overlapping surface), point cloud automatic post-processing functions such as filling holes, triangle.

Rich Analysis function: With point cloud range, a variety of coordinate transformation, element fitting, all kinds of angle and size analysis function.

Perform a variety of data output interface: Point cloud (ASC,IGS), Triangular mesh (STL), Texture map (OBJ).

Comprehensive Data : Have optical probe function, can be convenient for ridge, hole location measurement.

Product performance is stable: Dozens of domestic and abroad users confirmed its performance is stable. Including several domestic military users (China academy of flight test, the Chinese aircraft strength, composite material, 43 research institute, etc.); The Europe and United States university(the university of NEWCASTLE, Glasgow university, Purdue university, etc.), domestic university (Tsinghua university, Harbin industrial university, Nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, etc.).

Technical support: Independent research and development, custom development is flexible; Strong research and development of top technical team to provide you with comprehensive solutions and technical guidance.


C. Parameters



Measurement Range


Measurement Parameters

Measurement accuracy


Dot pitch


Measurement distance


Measurement depth


Camera Parameters





Interface type

gigabit network

Camera pixels

2.3 million pixels1920 pixels×1200   pixels

The lens focal length


D. Working Environment

-Ensure the accuracy and reliability of the equipment system when measuring the equipment;

- Power: AC 220V plus or minus 10% 50Hz + + 2% (reliable grounding);

- Working Temprature: 0℃-40℃;

- Calibration Temperature:20℃±2℃;

- Relative Humidity:≤(70±10)%;

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