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Jul 26, 2016

Vibration is one of the main factors influencing the measuring machine precision and stability, to make CMM to ensure the enough accuracy,  you need to create a suitable environment for measuring machine.

If CMM installation where are greatly influenced by the vibration, we tend to adopt the way of foundation treatment (chamfer, isolation trench), but the isolation method has obvious shortage (such as CMM precision of products cannot be met, and the using environment, if the user in the floor obviously cannot adopt foundation scheme), the emergence of damping mechanism has made up for the inadequacy of the foundation vibration isolation.

Nano precision autonomous design patent technology -- CMM damping mechanism. Simple and convenient installation. Placing the rubber pad in the upper and lower damping rubber block matrix, inserting the two insert into each other by using the up and down guide posts to ensure location. Four threaded holes on the two matrix substrate can be connected to the damping CMM or ground. Quadrilateral is equipped with guide pillar, which can effectively prevent the overthrow or rollover because of unilateral force of damping device .

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