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The Reasons Why Goods Getting Stuck At Brazilian Custom(II)

Jan 12, 2017


The Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento, which is Portuguesefor Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, MAPA, is the regulating agency responsible for overseeing the import of goods of animal and vegetable origin. As is the case for health products or cosmetics imports, the import of such goods is subject to an Import Licensing that is required to clear the goods at Brazilian customs.

The company importing goods of animal and vegetable origin must be registered with MAPA. To register it is necessary to present the following documents to the SIF, the Federal Inspection Service:

•Copy of the Articles of Association

•Copy of CNPJ Card

•Registration of Company Form

•Importer Declaration of Suitable Conditions for Product Storage

It is also the responsibility of SIF agents to oversee whether the import of goods of animal and vegetable origin were legal. These agents pay special attention to whether sanitary requirements were respected, since they could compromise the Brazilian sectors dealing with animals and vegetables.

Also subject to MAPA inspection is the packaging or pallets that came with the goods. When transporting goods in wooden boxes for example, a Fumigation Certificate or Heat Treatment Certificate will be required.

4. Inmetro

Inmetro requires that some products, which can be found in this article, be certified in order to be commercialized in Brazil, and the same regulations are imposed on imported goods. In this case, the product must either be certified by:

•A foreign regulatory agency that is acknowledged by Inmetro

•Inmetro, upon arriving in Brazil

For all products that are subject to Compulsory Certification by Inmetro, a special license is needed in order to import them. For all cases present in Regulation Number 354 by Inmetro, a Declaração de Liberação para Importação de Produtos, Portuguese for Declaration of Release for Import of Products, is to be requested from Inmetro.

5. Tax Auditor of the Brazilian Federal Revenue

The Receita Federal do Brasil, which is the Brazilian Federal Revenue, is responsible for enforcing customs regulations. For this purpose, the Tax Auditor of the Brazilian Federal Revenue is also allowed to oversee the import of any goods to Brazil and thus can seize any goods if they understand that there is something wrong with the way the goods were dealt with, especially in the landing process, even if the documents presented by the importer were in order.

Note:The article repost from Realogistics