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Jul 22, 2016

CMM, in fact, can be divided into full-automatic, semi-automatic and manual type. Automatic is completely controlled by the computer, while the manual is completely controlled by artificial. And semi-automatic is without a fully automatic rotary needle head and control system, so as long as when you need to transform needle angle, you have to transform the probe angle manually. Let us know about the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic! 


A.   Price Difference

From the perspective of the buyer, the first concern should be the price difference, The probe head of semi-automatic CMM is different from it of full-automatic ones. The manual is cheaper than the automatic.


B.   Measuring Accuracy

Relative to the price, the measuring accuracy is one of the securities that can test the product whether qualified, so the higher accuracy can lead to better quality. A semi-automatic, due to the need for artificial to adjust test, may have some error in the measurement process. The full-automatic is totally controlled by PC, which greatly reduces the man-made error. So relatively the accuracy of automatic CMM is higher than it of semi-automatic CMM.


C.   Producing Efficiency

The root of an enterprise is efficiency except quality. The full-automatic CMM  is controlled by computer in the process of measurement, which just need the engineer set in front of the computer and put in program. While semi-automatic CMM is not, because of the impact of a manual test. As long as need to transform probe head manually, so semi-automatic CMM has less advantages than the full-automatic ones.


We introduce the difference between semi-automatic and full-automatic CMM above. Actually cannot say which is better because the choice between full-automatic and semi-automatic is entirely due to the actual situation. We cannot generalize.

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