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Measurement Technology Will Be An Integral Part Of The Manufacturing Process

Feb 06, 2017

In the future, it will adopt a more efficient measuring tool for testing, and no longer limited to test the key characteristic, it can also perform a more comprehensive measurement. 

In the future, simple 3D measurement will transfer to be issued in the work-shop. And it will refer to every or many steps of the manufacturing process.


The ideal measurement technology will:

1. Catch all of the imperfections;

2. Modify the manufacturing process in real time.

Therefore, the quality control manager will be responsible for connecting the measuring technique with the production process to ensure the correction of manufacturing process automatically.

Quality control manager faces new challenges:

1. Integrate all systems;

2. Manage various arithmetic to adjust and modify in real time.


In the future, measurement technology will be able to:

1.Recognize any type of imperfection;

2.Provide more flexible measuring solutions

Therefore, the quality control manager needs to manage the spare parts inspection, regardless of its size, complexity, and material.

Quality control manager faces new challenges:

1. Familiar with automation system;

2. Adopt more flexible measuring system.

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