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"Made in China" in Rio Olympics

Aug 23, 2016

The 31th Olympic closing ceremony is celebrated on August 21th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We got 70 medals in total and we are proud of all the athletes.Moreover, MADE IN CHINA also permeates in this Olympics. And now, let us know more details.

Made in China--Metro

In November, 2015, 90 metros special for Olympics all arrived in Rio.

The R&D and manufacturer of "Olympic Metro" is CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. This route is planned to carry 300000 people every day, which can short time from city to the core area of the Olympic Games within half an hour. It is also designed according to the local conditions and traffic circuit, which combine the Brazilian cultural elements. The R&D of "Olympic Metro" creates a Chinese service history for overseas Olympic Games.

Made in China--Air-container

The air conditioning equipment of opening ceremony site which can hold 82000 people-- the Maracana stadium are made in China.

Gree provides air-container and service for Olympic venues and other supporting projects, which also means that “Made in China” obtained review and approval of social responsibility and comprehensive from the OCOG.

Made in China--Security Inspection Device

Chinese companies, Nuctech Co., Ltd and Dahua Technology Co., Ltd etc, provide X-ray security screening equipment and video monitoring products.

X-ray scanning equipment, facial recognition technology and the spherical camera will provide security for Olympic Games.

Made in China--Intercom System

The intercom system of Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, sailing games and the Olympic village are all from China.

Chinese communication enterprises, Hytera Communications Co., Ltd, provide 1200 digital interphone for organizing committee, and it is also with independent intellectual property rights XPT enhanced virtual cluster system.

Made in China--Engineering Machinery

The part of engineering machinery of the greatest number and the largest scale Rio's Olympic village is made in china.

Made in China--Match Equipment 

Jinling Sports Co.,Ltd. provides volleyball match equipment for 2016 Rio Olympics.

Made in China--Mascots Doll

2.5 million Rio Olympic mascots, Vinicius, and commemorative badges fly from China to Rio.

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