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Introduction Of Coordinate Measuring Machine

Nov 23, 2017

According to the development of the coordinate measuring machine, contribute to the development of technology and the development of instrument through various ways. Coordinates measuring machine can better to achieve development when keeping the center of the development, also to understand the value of the whole field.


By professional measurement software, we can evaluate the form characteristics through these points, and calculate its size and position. The coordinate measuring instrument can be used to collect the data of the separation point using the method of similar triggering probe. Scanning probe of three dimensional measuring instrument has a good natural frequency, has no motor or mechanical structure, which is suitable for the high speed scan. High precision isolation optical scanning probe measurement system, can directly reflect the deviation of the probe, with better precision and fast dynamic response.

The coordinate measuring machine has a variety of configurations and solutions for high accuracy scanning probe, which can be applied to various sizes and configurations CMM. The high accuracy continuous scanning head is very suitable for the collection of high speed contour data of box and complex shape workpiece.