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All Of You Are The Best--to The Athletes In Olympics

Aug 09, 2016

The 31th Olympic opening ceremony is celebrated on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil .It is the first time that a south American city who host the Olympic Games and it is also the first time for Portuguese city who host the magnificent sports meet.

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The total number of Chinese sports delegation is 711, including 416 athletes (256 female, 160 male). The average age of athletes is 24 years old, the youngest who is 14 years old is in the swimming team, the largest is in the shooting team, who is already 39. In terms of athletes Olympic experience, a total of 113 people have participated in the Olympic Games, 27% of the total number of athletes. The number of the athletes who are the first time to take part in the Olympic Games is 302, accounting for 73% of the total number of athletes.

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Olympic athletes, show your best level and enjoy the game! No matter what grades you get, you are the best!

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