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Vibration Treatment Method of CMM II

Aug 05, 2016

In the modern manufacturing industry, three coordinates measuring machine is more and more applied in the production process, which makes product objectives and key of quality gradually changed from final inspection to manufacturing process control. Through the information feedback to timely adjust the parameters of the processing equipment to ensure product quality and production process stability and improve production efficiency.

renishaw probe head

Because there are more and more measuring machine applicated in production site, the vibration becomes a recurrent problem. While users in the test processing, if the vibration test data of three coordinate machine is out of the range, it will have great influence on the measurement accuracy. At this time we have to build special base.

If the vibration test data of three coordinate machine is within the range, at this time, the measuring instrument installation site must meet the following conditions:

1. In the all directions, the gradient of the ground is usually below 5 mm/m. 

2. Ground bearing must be greater than the sum of the maximum weight of measuring machine and the maximum weight of measuring parts.

3. The installation of the measuring machine area must without surface activity or fracture

4. The ground supporting points and the surrounding rough points must be cleaned up.

patent aibration cushion to reduce vibration

We can also provide CMM damping mechanism which is our patent (Patent No. is ZL 2014 2 0532122.0). This practical new technology is damping by rubber.

And it can retard the vibration and ensure the accuracy of the machine.

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