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Using and Maintenance of Pneumatic Components(I)

Mar 27, 2017

A. Installation

1.  When you install air processing components, please make sure there is enough maintenance space.

2.  Please do not title or install the air processing components, the cover of air filter and oil mist filter must be installed vertically downward.

3.  Set relief valve along the direction to boost pressure. When the setting is completed, press the hand wheel downward to lock the valve.

B. Connecting pipe

1.  Preparation

Before you connect the pipes, cutting crumble, oil and dust should be completely blown off.

2.  Winding method of sealing tape

When the thread connection is being done, don’t leave thread fines and sealing tape pieces in the pipe. During sealing, 1.5 ~ 2 thread distance is not allowed to be sealed in the thread area.

Please do not use sealants and adhesives which can’t contain the deformation acrylic resin system components.             

3.  Don’t mix inlet and outlet of water pipe and air pipe.

4.  Don't make pneumatic components under gravity and bending torque.


C. Air supply

1.  About the working medium

Compressed air is regarded as the working medium. If users want to use other fluid, please contact our company.

2.  Condensed water is too much.

When compressed air contains a lot of condensed water, the condensed water can cause failure of pneumatic component movement. Therefore, air dryer and condensate collector shall be installed before air filter.

3. Condensed water discharge management

Once the user forgets discharging the condensed water in the air filter, it will flow out to water side, leading to the failure of pneumatic component movement.

If the user has difficulties in condensed water discharging management, please use the air filter which has the function of automatic drainage.

As for detailed requirements for the quality of compressed air, please refer to compressed air purification system of our company or contact Nano for confirmation.

4.  If the compressed air contains chemicals, organic solvent oil, salt, corrosive gas, etc. they can cause failure or damage to pneumatic components.

Please inform us if any questions