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The Usage of CMM in the Automobile Production

Aug 10, 2016

In the rapid development of industrial production environment, the R&D and manufacturing of a large number of complex mechanical parts all need advanced testing technology and instruments, especially in the precision machinery research, numerical control machine tool production, auto parts manufacturing, aerospace and the rise of the electronic industry. The coordinate measuring machine, as one of the important large precision instrument, has been more and more valued by researchers and production because of its convenient to three-dimensional space dimension measurement, which can realize on-line detection and automatic measurement.

In the field of automobile manufacture, the quality target of the modern manufacturing industry is as much as possible to keep the parts production in accordance with the design requirements. However, if to ensure the consistency of the production process and design, it must be to control the manufacturing process. The most effective method to control the manufacturing process is to accurately measure the size, after get the size information, analysis and feedback the data to the production process, so as to continuously improve product quality. Process control is the core of accurately measuring the size of work-pieces. Three coordinate measuring machine is one of the most effective ways to accurately measure and evaluate the size data. And it can instead of a variety of surface measurement tools, plane measurement tools, fixed or custom combination of expensive gauges, and the precision of manual measuring tools. Thereby greatly reducing the time needed to complete the complex vehicle inspection. Three coordinate measuring machine can provide the factory product inspection, machine calibration, customer quality and other functions ta the same time while providing size data such as production process conditions of useful information for process control.

The appearance of the body is the most intuitive display of vehicle design and manufacturing level. And the high precision body is the assurance of beautiful shape, time saving and the quality of the automobile. The quality plays a decisive role in the competition. So we can use the high precision, high efficiency of three coordinate measuring machine to implement precision testing analysis, on-line monitoring and batch monitoring for the auto industry production.

Three coordinate measuring machine as a new, effective precision measuring instruments has a very prominent advantages. Now, it has been widely used in machinery manufacturing. It becomes universal testing equipment in modern industrial inspection and quality control.

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