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The Targeted Maintenance of Video Measuring Machine

Oct 12, 2017

The daily maintenance of the video measuring machine is very important. Below are some common failures, and some basic maintenance methods are introduced. We hope it can help the instrument user.

1. Probe

The biggest problem when using measuring instrument is inaccurate accuracy, which produces a great error. For example, the accuracy of x, y and z axis is inaccurate. First of all, x, y, z drives and x, y grating ruler are basically adjusted when they go out of the factory, so don't unpack them as soon as you purchase the machine. To avoid impact when using, you should be careful when moving the machine. You must first install the stationary block of the workbench to prevent the collision from leading to a large accuracy error.

Secondly, the meter should be placed in a dry, clean and vibrating environment. And make sure that there is a room with constant temperature, and cover it with a dust cover when not in use. Otherwise, it will result in the rust of the instrument parts and the accuracy of the optical parts.


2. Projection failure

The projection screen failure including the sound, rotation friction force, unevenness, no counting during the rotation of projector, etc. These can be solved by replacing parts and adjusting parts. Also cannot use the hand to touch the projection screen, if there is oil stain besmirch, can only use defatted gauze to touch a few cleanser essence wipe, then use a few clean water to wipe clean. Wipe must be gentle

Projection imaging faults including image blur, contrast light dark, dark area; there are black spots in the image. In order to solve these problems, we can replace the filament, clean the reflector, mirror, bench glass and so on. Install the voltage regulator to adjust the voltage to stabilize the bulb. Also note that the cleaning fluid should be soft with a mixture of 1:4 alcohol and ether. You can also use some soft washes such as brush to dust off the surface.