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The Reasons And Solutions to Deal With CMM Stop Working (II)

Feb 27, 2017

B.Equipment precision compensation file

Equipment precision compensation file was used to record the accuracy error data, measuring software issue compensation based on these data. When Installing the software, if forget installing compensation file or missing the backup file, it will cause poor accuracy, and need to re-calibrate the machine precision.

Solutions and requirements:

Keep the backup file and install compensation file.

C. Form error of measured parts and the right choice of measuring base

1. When the measured parts have obvious burrs or trachoma, the repeatability is poor, so that the operator  cannot get the accurate measurement results

2. Incorrect measurement reference will lead to calculation error.

Solutions and requirements:

Choose the right measuring base.


D.Probe calibration

During the probe calibration, if the sphere is not clean or not fixed, or input the wrong stylus length or sphere diameter, it can make software calls to compensate error, which will affect the accuracy of measurement or even cause abnormal equipment collision and damage.

Solutions and requirements:

1. Maintain the cleanness of sphere and stylus.

2. Ensure probe base, probe head, stylus, and sphere fixed.

3. Input the correct stylus length and sphere diameter.

4. According to the shape error to correct ruby ball diameter and repeatability (different extension bar length will lead to different diameter)

5. When using different probe position, after adjustment all the head position, check calibration precision by measuring the central point coordinate of sphere.

6. When in high accuracy requirements, we need to re- calibrate the probe head.

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