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The Reasons And Solutions to Deal With CMM Stop Working(I)

Feb 23, 2017

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a kind of integrated products that integrate mechanical, electrical and software, so the possible fault will involve various aspects, in various fields. Below, we provide the solutions according to the main causes of CMM stopping working.

A. Temperature 

1.Temperature is the biggest factor affected the accuracy of measuring machine.

2.In measuring machine room, temperature is increasing from bottom to top. And it is changing all the time. So each axis grating temperature and parts temperature difference will influence the accuracy of the measuring machine.

3.Non-reasonable temperature controlling method (open air-condition just when using, close air-condition as soon as turn off the machine) can lead to unstable indoor temperature. Temperature is changing all the time. The machine in an unstable state, the measuring accuracy will be very poor.

ph20 probe with optical system

Solutions and requirements:

1.In measuring software, we can tune the influence of temperature by linear correction and temperature correction.

2.Electrical equipment, computer and other heat sources should keep a certain distance with measuring machine.

3.It is better to choose frequency conversion air-condition, the position of air condition should be reasonable planning. The wind from air-condition blows directly to the measuring machine is forbidden, because of the difference of upper and lower temperature, we should make the air direction be upward to form large cycle, maintain indoor air temperature equilibrium.

4.Open air-condition when going to work every day in the morning, close it when off working.

5.There must be heat preservation in the measuring room, the room doors and Windows should be closed, reduce the temperature loss, avoid sun exposure.

6.Strengthen the management of measuring room, do not have extra staff to stay.

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