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The Problems and Development Trend of Non-contact Measuring Method

Oct 31, 2016

A.The real-time measurement. In industry field, it is important to reduce the cost and improve efficiency and quality, so real-time 3D measurement field has become problems to be solved. Real-time 3D shape measurement can realize display and 3D coordinates measurement successfully, production control and online quality detection, and the key is to realize the high speed online calculation.

B. For those not painted with a reflecting surface and object shape can be directly measured on the surface. For those with reflective surface can carry out 3D shape measurement, in this area has a pressing need, but almost no such research in this field. According to current measurement technology in measuring with reflection on the surface of the mold surface shape, asked to use powder coated on the surface, it will slow down the measurement speed and reduce the accuracy of measurement.

C. To establish the evaluation standard of optical system for three dimensional measurements. An important part of the standard should be included:

1. Size, surface roughness and material standard sample components;

2. The mathematical model and error characteristics;

3. Measuring speed and range;

4. Repeatability and reappearance process;

5. Calibration process;

6. Reliability assessment.

D. High precision large measuring range. Most measuring system will set up compromise accuracy according to the measuring range, however, it also need high precision.

E. Measuring system calibration and optimization and sensor design. System calibration and optimization is the key to improve the measurement accuracy. 

F. Emphasize scenarios with task constraints. Optimal selection for different application purposes, establish a goal and task oriented measurement system.

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