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The Pressure Effect on Air Bearing of CMM.

Sep 29, 2016


Under normal working pressure, the thickness of air space between air bearing and guide rail is fixed, which can ensure good repeatability of CMM. If the pressure of air supply fluctuates, the change of the pre-tightening force of the air bearing will accordingly lead to the change of inter membrane space. When the inter membrane space becomes very small, there is a certain friction between air bearing and guide rail, which may cause relative friction between air bearing and guide rail when the machine is running. It may even seriously cause scratches on guide rail and influent  machine’s performance.

 Precision coordinate measuring machine(CMM)

2.The effect to balance cylinder

Balance cylinder is used to balance Z axis. When the Z axis gravity equals to the attractive force generated by cylinder air pressure, Z axis will keep balance. Once the cylinder attractive force is less than gravity, the whole balance system will be out of control. Z axis as well as the probe head will drop down. It may damage the probe and Z axis. Therefore, it is very necessary to guarantee the right pressure of compressed air for CMM.

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Although our company has taken a variety of measures to control the negative result of fluctuation of the compressed air pressure, in order to guarantee that you can use the CMM normally, please strictly control air pressure of CMM.

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