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The Notes When Choosing CMM(II)

Aug 28, 2017

C. Probe head

From the working form of the probe to the accuracy of the measurement results, there are contact trigger probe, contact scanning probe and non-contact optical probe, etc. When selecting the probe, according to the measuring demand, measurement speed and frequency of the equipment probe.

D. Grating ruler

The grating ruler is the reading reference of the CMM, so the thermal expansion coefficient is required to be as low as possible to ensure the accuracy of the reading. Now the material development of the raster ruler also revolves around lowering the thermal expansion coefficient. The measuring machine is divided into manual (or mobile) and CNC (automatic control). When choosing, the size of the test object should be measured in terms of batch size, automation degree, operating personnel technical level and capital investment. Of course, the accuracy of CNC measuring machine is high and the measurement speed is fast, but the preparation time before measurement is relatively long, the technical requirement is relatively high, and the capital investment is relatively large.

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