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The Metrological Verification of CMM

Jul 24, 2017

A. Temperature influence of CMM measuring results

CMM is a kind of complex measurement system which combine optical, mechanical and electrical, computer and control technology, so the uncertain factors affecting the measurement result is more, but for medium and small machine, environment temperature deviates from the standard temperature (20 ℃) is the main factors affecting the measurement uncertainty. In order to make the CMM measure the accurate results, the environment temperature should be strictly controlled within the scope of the CMM specifications.

B. Detecting system influence of CMM measuring results

At present most of the CMM probe is switch type, its design principle lead to different contacting points when issue detection in different position. Therefore, we hope this kind of error will be as small as possible.


C. 21 errors

There are three motion axis, there are one positioning error and five geometric error of each axis. Geometric errors include two directions of straightness error and Angle error of two directions. There are 18 errors in total of the three axis, plus three axis squareness between each other, a total of 21 items of error.

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