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The Method to Eliminate the Error of CMM

Aug 26, 2016

Nowadays, three coordinate measuring machine(CMM) has been used more and more widely, but any precision instrument software have profound effects on our measurement accuracy. CMM as one of the most common measurement software, there may be many problems in the process of artificial operation, which lead to the influence on measuring accuracy. Looking for a more effective way to reduce error has become a daily must for measurement industry. What is the best way to eliminate error of three coordinates, below are some tips: 

 bridge CMM with video system             precison and practical coordinate measuring machine

First of all, when we are looking for the way to reduce the error of three coordinate measuring instrument, the best way is to consider the model or configuration of the products comprehensively, otherwise it may be backfire. If we are using a manual type, the each operator in the process of using should try to keep the same measurement speed point, so that it can maximum reduce the error caused by artificial operating. 

Secondly, if we use the automatic measuring machine, at the time of each measurement, automatic measuring elements with constant speed mode, it can greatly reduce the measuring force effect on the measurement results. Moreover, when choosing the measuring elements, the effective length should be long as far as possible, especially the base element. This can guarantee the effect of measurement.

All in all, as the role of three coordinate measuring instrument is more and more important in the future, users may face a lot of factors affecting its accuracy, so we'd better able to handle the method of reducing these errors to get more accurate measurement results.

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