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The Introduction of CMM Stylus

Apr 27, 2017

CMM Stylus

1. Spherical stylus

Spherical stylus is used to measure size, shape, coordinate etc.; Ball diameter is 0.3 ~ 8.0 mm. Material adopts with industrial rubies which has high hardness, high resistance.

2. Five-way stylus

Used to measure shape of work-piece. Correcting and using multiple measuring head, so can minimize probe activities, and to measure the hole or groove, etc.

3. Cylindrical stylus

Used to measure size, curve image or machining the hole between the thin section, etc.

4. Disc stylus

Used to measure outside diameter of partial or local measurements of thickness; Also used to measure the size of the bottleneck between, slot width and so on; Application of ring gauge.

5. Point-type stylus

For screw groove which need low measurement precision, the point of the scale cracks or scratches, etc.; 

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