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The Influence on the Scanning Caused by CMM Dynamic Performance

Feb 16, 2017

01. Dynamic Performance Barrier

Coordinate measuring machine(CMM) dynamic performance restricts the accuracy of high speed scanning, interferes the high speed of scanning.

Scanning measurement is different from the trigger type, measuring machine will inherit the inertia load in the whole process, the dynamic performance is more important than static performance. The inertia load causes deformation of measuring machine structure, and it is difficult to predict.

Traditional scanning system meets the accuracy of scanning by reducing the speed, it is a compromise method for dynamic performance barrier.

02.Dynamic Error

Scanning can produce inertia force, if not modify the inertia force, will cause the measuring error.

In the measurement of discrete points, the image of inertial force is not significant, but when scanning, the influence of the acceleration and the resulting inertia loads are evident. With the increasing of speed, acceleration also increases. In fact, the acceleration increases faster, in a typical curve of scanning track, the rate of acceleration change is the square of the speed change rate.

Under the condition of low speed, the influence of inertia force can be negligible. Those traditional scanning system without any form of dynamic compensation can only work in the low speed region. If the speed increases, it will become the main factors influencing the measuring performance. And most of the CMM is used in a production environment, measuring time is very important. If you can complete measurement more quickly, the advantage is very obvious.

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