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The Influence of Temperature on CMM

Sep 06, 2018
  1. The environment temperature of the coordinate measuring machine. Since the temperature in the machine room is gradually rising from the bottom to the top, and the temperature is always changing, the grating temperature and part temperature of each axis will affect the measurement accuracy of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the machine room as consistent as possible when using the measuring machine. Since electrical equipment, computers and personnel are all heat sources, planning should be made in advance when installing the equipment to keep the heat source away from the measuring machine. In order to maintain the high precision of measurement, the use environment should be strictly managed.

  2. The influence of the wind direction of the air conditioner on the temperature of the measuring machine. Measuring machine in the room had better choose frequency conversion air conditioning air conditioning, because of the frequency conversion air conditioning temperature control ability and good regulation performance, can achieve the range of + / - 1 ℃ temperature control. Let the wind be blown to indoor main position, cannot be blown directly to measuring machine, also cannot appear on machine room one side is hot at the same time cool circumstance, let wind direction as far as possible up to form big circulation, maintain the indoor temperature equably.


  3. Influence of switching time of air conditioner on temperature of measuring machine. When using the measuring machine, it is unreasonable to turn on the air conditioner and turn it off immediately after use, because the air conditioner will be turned on and off continuously, and the temperature of the measuring machine will be in an unstable state, so the accuracy will be reduced. It is best to keep the machine room temperature stable for 4 hours before the measurement.

  4. The influence of the structure of the machine room on the temperature of the measuring machine. Because measure machine room need to maintain constant temperature, so machine room should take heat preservation measure, reduce temperature loss as far as possible, we can adopt double layer window, choice and room size appropriate air conditioning

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