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The Influence of Temperature and Humidity on the CMM

Sep 07, 2016

The normal operating temperature of three coordinate measuring machine(CMM) is 20 ℃±2 ℃, and the humidity is 40%-70%. The temperature of CMM is increased from bottom to top, and the temperature is changing every moment. So the difference of each axis grating temperature and parts temperature will influence the three coordinate measuring machine measurement precision. In fact, if the humidity is too big, it will badly corrode the floating block and some key core components of measuring machine, which will directly damage the instrument. So we as far as possible to ensure indoor temperature and humidity be controlled in the normal range, so as to improve the precision of three coordinate measuring machine.

 NANO Metrology is a manufacturer of Precision measuring machine

Three coordinate measuring machine as a kind of precision measuring instruments, timely maintenance can prolong the service life of the machine, can guarantee accuracy and reduce the failure rate.

Three coordinate measuring machine is strict to the environment, so we are required to strictly control the room temperature and humidity.

Gas bearing of CMM is never wear structure in theory, but if the air resource is not clean, that is, with oil, water or impurities, which can cause gas bearing block, more seriously the gas bearing and floating rail scratch. So we should regularly check the machine air and drain water, regularly clean filter and oil-water separator. Air source also should be paid attention to, air compressor or gas supply of gasholder also need checked regularly.

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