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The Influence of Calibration Result Caused by CMM Probe Inspection

Sep 01, 2016

Probe system is the key part of the three coordinate measuring machine(CMM), which is mainly used to measure the work-piece surface. And it has the closed relationship with the work efficiency and precision of three coordinate measuring machine. Where there is no advanced measuring head, there is no outstanding functions of CMM.


CMM probe calibration has two main purposes: receive the compensation diameter of ruby stylus and establish the relationship between different Angle measuring stylus accurately. Probe calibration accuracy directly affect the precision of calibration. In the probe calibration, three coordinate measuring machine surveyor should pay attention to the follow problem:

1. Select the appropriate measuring stylus and extension, general use 4 * 30 stylus without the extension. Firmly install stylus and sphere, wipe clean the stylus and sphere by anhydrous alcohol.

2. After the calibration of probe, probe calibration accuracy verification should be carried out, deviation of validation program or known by the software, with no more than 30 mm ring gauge and gage block to form a complete set of validation.

3. The measuring speed of probe calibration should be kept with the speed of accuracy calibration. Especially for those used for a long time or frequently, when the measuring speed of probe calibration is different, the compensation diameter and ruby ball diameter will be different.

4. If the probe calibration results found that the form error is bigger, should consider whether caused by the following reasons or not: First, the probe or sphere is not wiped up, should be wiped clean after check again; Second, probe head is too old, should be replaced; Third, the straightness of guide rail has great changes, should be checked through the precision of displacement calibration; Forth, the air cushion is blocked, should be timely cleaned and adjusted. If found that the diameter is not normal, should consider whether didn't wipe clean or sphere diameter input is normal.

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