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The Function and Significance of Three-dimensional Measurement

Jul 19, 2018

Since the 1960s, industry has achieved great development. With the rise of industrial production machinery, automobile, aerospace and electronics industries, the development and production of various kinds of complex need advanced testing technology and instruments, which embodies three coordinate measuring machine and 3D measurement technology arises at the historic moment, and rapid development and improvement.

The appearance of coordinate measuring machine is a milestone in the transition of measuring instrument from the classical manual way to the modern automatic testing technology. Coordinate measuring machine plays an important role in 3D measurement technology in the following aspects´╝Ü

1. The measurement of the dimensions of the complex shape surface wheel gallery is solved , such as the hole diameter and hole position of the box body parts, blade and gear, automobile and aircraft, etc.

2. The accuracy of 3d measurement is improved. At present, the single-axis precision of the high-precision coordinate measuring machine can reach a length of less than 1um, and a two-dimensional spatial precision of more than 1 ~2um. For the three-coordinate measuring machine used in workshop detection, the measurement accuracy of each axis can be reached to 3~4um.

3. The development of automatic production technology is promoted because the coordinate measuring machine can form production line or flexible manufacturing system with CNC machine tool and machining center.

4. With the continuous development of automation, the measuring efficiency of coordinate measuring machine has been greatly improved.

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