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The Difference Between CMM and Profiler

Mar 22, 2018

1. According to the structure

The coordinate measuring instrument is mainly composed of: 1. Mechanical system, 2. Probe system, 3. Electrical control hardware system, 4. Data processing software system.

Structure of profiler: granite slab, workbench, sensor, drive boxes, display, such as computer and printer parts. Different positions can be selected during measurement, set all kinds of automatic measuring length, sampling amount to tens of thousands of data points in the evaluation. It can display or print contour shape and its size, various roughness parameters and contour support length rate curve, etc.


2. According to the usage

The coordinate measuring instrument can measure mold products, electronic products, communication, automobile and so on. It has been widely used in aerospace, automobile, electronics, mould and other industries. It is very versatile, but it is also expensive.

The profiler can measure the roughness and shape parameters of various precision machined parts. Use Fitting Method to evaluate arc and line. It can measure the shape parameters such as arc radius, straightness, convexity, groove pitch, inclination, vertical distance, horizontal distance and step. The instrument can also test the surface roughness of various parts. It can test the roughness of plane, inclined plane, outer cylinder, inner hole surface, deep groove surface, circular arc surface and spherical surface, and realize multi-parameter measurement.

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