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The Difference between CMM and Normal Measurement (I)

Oct 13, 2016

With the development of modern industry, the requirements of the shape of mechanical parts become more and more complicated, then also requires a fast and reliable measuring method to cooperate. Three coordinate measuring machine (CMM) as a kind of high efficient precision measuring instruments, which comply with the above requirements. Therefore is widely used in machinery manufacturing, instrument manufacturing, electronic industry, aerospace and national defense industries. Especially suitable for measuring body parts, dies, precision casting, car shell, engine parts, CAM and aircraft type body which with space curved surface parts.

1. The measurement of the geometric size and shape

The measurement of work-piece geometry size and shape, the conventional method usually need to carry out independently. Especially in the measurement of work-piece shape, it has demanding requirements of the work-piece. It will cost much more time than actual measurement, such as when measuring planeness in tablet, we need to adjust the three fast surface  points in the same height as the tablet.

Unlike conventional methods, CMM can simultaneously measure the size and shape. Three coordinate measuring machine regards the measured object as the collection of a set of discrete points. According to the measured object and the different requirements, measure the number from the collection of several discrete points instead of the measured object, through the calculating to determine the size and shape of the object. Before measuring the work-piece, first of all is the probe calibration to eliminate error influence due to changing environmental condition. And then according to the design basis of artifacts or process benchmark, we need to look for work-piece coordinate system. There is no requirement of the work-piece clamping and adjust, we only need to keep the work-piece remain stable.

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