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The Development of Measurement in The Future

Nov 28, 2016

Measurement is an ancient and emerging business, it is developed along with the social production and science technology development. At the same time it also marks the level of modernization of a country measuring work. Measuring work is a way to improve the economic benefit of industrial enterprises, and is also an assurance to improve the production and the product quality.

In economic activities, more than 80% of industrial production can be realized only after a measurement, measuring activities in industrialized countries contributes 4% ~ 6% to the gross national product (GNP), measurement is the “Eye” of the industrial production. In the last 25 years, with the emergence of laser 3D scanner and optical technology, measurement technology obtained the rapid development. As a result, this field will realize further development of the new features in the future, which will enhance the capacity, quality control and testing. New development efforts will also result in change of manufacturing process.

The metrology testing job will be moved from laboratory to the production workshop. The key of this shift is the portability, simplicity and flexibility of equipment. In addition, the measurement will be implemented in the case of no human intervention, the manufacturing process will be able to correct itself according to the result of automatic measurement.

Because the measuring equipment is more and more close to the production workshop, it must have simplicity and ease to use, which can make the manufacturer test the parts. The inspection and quality control of parts will no longer be a parallel process, it will become an integral part of the manufacturing process. Measurement will perform several times in the manufacturing process, thus there are several measurements before the spare parts be made up.

Now, more and more operators need to perform quality control and test directly in the production workshop. So the measuring equipment will be more intuitive and easy to use and understand. The knowledge level of operation and required professional will also decline. 

In the future, human intervention will be replaced by the automatic measuring system. Because the programming is likely to be the nightmare of quality control group immediately, they will be more inclined to adopt flexible and intuitive software and hardware integration. At the end of the day, it just a bit simple, therefore, robot can separate records and carry on the programming of the path.

Finally, the intelligent measurement will be a complete reversal of the manufacturing process. Based on automated measurement solution, manufacturing process will realize automatic correction. In fact, this concept is the common wish of many futurists.

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