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The Development of 3D Dimensional Measuring Tool (III)

Oct 27, 2016

D. Non-contact Measurement

The non-contact method to measure three-dimensional work-piece is mainly refers to the optical method. There is the presence of measuring force in the traditional contact measurement method. It needs radius compensation of probe if in long measuring time. But optical non-contact measurement technology solved the above problems successfully, and be cherished because of its high response, high resolution. With all kinds of high-performance components such as semiconductor laser, charge-coupled device, image sensor, the emergence of position sensitive devices and so on, the optical non-contact measurement technology gets fast development. In recent years, all kinds of optical measurement technology has achieved great development in its particular field.

Laser scanning method is adopted in the optical famous triangle, with the charge-coupled device or with sense of position sensitive device to carry out digital laser image acquisition. It based on CCD sensor, which avoid the bunching point reflection and scattering light, and resolution of a single pixel is high. So using CCD can get a higher measuring accuracy. 

In general, in order to guarantee the high accuracy of measurement, calibration should be tested on the surface which similar to the surface of object.

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