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The Development of 3D Dimensional Measuring Tool (II)

Oct 24, 2016

B. The Developemnt of Probe System

In the coordinate measuring machine(CMM), the implement components which can realize measurement directly is the probe, it directly influences the measuring accuracy, the degree of automation of operation and testing efficiency. So the coordinate machine manufacturers and researchers spend more energy to study the high performance measuring probe. Probe can be seen as a sensor whose type, structure, principle, performance is much more complicated then general measuring head. 

In terms of its probe study: 

(1) To research and develop simple structure, new type, high precision of three-dimensional measurement probe, especially suitable for measuring the micro work-piece and suitable for high speed measuring probe. 

(2) To develop probe accessories, expand the function of the coordinate machine. 

(3) To develop non-contact measuring probe and improve measurement accuracy and expand the range and scope.

C. Advantages and Disadvantages of CMM

Three coordinate measuring machine as a modern large precise and comprehensive measuring instrument, has the significant advantages including: 

(1)Strong flexibility, which can realize spatial coordinates point measurement, can easily measure various components of the three-dimensional contour size and position parameters; 

(2) High precision measurement and reliability;

(3) Can realize digital arithmetic and program control easily, and has a high intelligent degree. 

However, three coordinate measuring machine also has its own shortcomings. The first is expensive, higher requirements for operators.

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