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The Development of 3D Dimensional Measuring Tool (I)

Oct 20, 2016

With the rapid development of science and technology, many areas are increasingly proposed to the requirements to measure size and shape parameter of work-piece. At present although people have successfully developed many kinds of measuring methods and instruments, all of them have the limitation of cost, measurement range and accuracy etc., which can't meet the needs of the development of science and technology. Below are advantages and disadvantages of 3D measuring tool.

A. Contact Measuring

a. CMM

Three dimensional contact measurement method is developed from the traditional probe type. Nowadays, the three coordinate measuring machine(CMM) is successful model in the development of the method and the main use of 3D tools. Three coordinate measuring machine is not only a kind of multifunctional measuring instruments but a kind of high precision, strong comprehensive geometric measurement equipment. It is on the basis of precision machinery, precision instrument design, electronic technology, computer technology, software technology and high technology. 

Three coordinate measuring machine generally consists of the main structure, measuring system, control system, probe system, display device, computer, and terminal equipment such as printers and displayer. Their relationship is shown below. 

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