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The Developing Tendency of Instrument And Meter Industry

Dec 15, 2016

At present, the instrument and meter industry is in rapid development in China. With the expansion and innovation of the infrastructure construction, engineering machinery becomes the mainstream of the equipment manufacturing industry on a large scale under the pushing by new urbanization, the demand of engineering mechanical instrument industry will surge. However, along with the increase of construction machinery products and the increase of construction difficulty of the project, engineering machinery market competitiveness has been strengthened in the future. Therefore, under the strong market challenges, construction machinery which can satisfy the current construction conditions and efficient can gain market recognition. 

1. Environmental Protection

Recently, environmental problem has been increasingly serious. At the same time,the pollution of  engineering machinery equipment industry is greater in China. But China is the world's largest construction site, therefore, engineering machinery has become a great burden. Today, at the national implementation of environmental protection to be strengthened, there is huge demand of the environmental protection engineering machinery. 

2. Intelligence

In construction machinery industry, the use of intelligent manufacturing technology can not only ensure the stability of product quality, improve labor productivity, improve working conditions and labor intensity of workers, also can accelerate the upgrading of enterprise transformation, get rid of the homogeneity of the product competition, improve product brand value. On the way of intelligent products, engineering machinery in the face of cruel situation of the internationalization of domestic market competition and survive in the challenge of new technology, which must have best quality, lowest cost, best service to achieve the goal of intelligent. Therefore, on the way of intelligent construction machinery, there must be a process of continuous exploration and innovation, and engineering machinery intelligent trend is obvious.

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