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The Composition of CMM

Jun 07, 2018

Three coordinates measuring instrument is a kind of digital technology to transform a physical objects into a CAD model, it is the floorboard of the geometric model reconstruction technology and manufacturing technology, it also has a powerful measuring function, NANO Metrology will give you about the powerful features of the three coordinate measuring machine.

First of all, it should be known that the three-coordinate measuring instrument consists of four parts, which are the basic mechanical system, the probe system, the electrical control system and the data processing system. The main machine mechanical system consists of three axes of X axis, Y axis and Z axis. The data processing system is the measurement software, which can process the measured part data value and get the final result.

Because of its simple, reasonable and scientific function constitute, is one of the most effective to measure and obtain parts size data, it can be in use to replace expensive combination gauge and a variety of surface measurement tools. In addition, also can simplify the complex measurement task which requires several hours to take dozens of minutes or even a few minutes, this powerful effect cannot be achieved by other measuring instrument. 


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