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The CMM calibration projects and recalibration frequency

Jul 27, 2017

Currently, the calibration of the three-coordinate system is based on JJF1064-2000 (coordinate measuring machine calibration specification). The calibration item in the specification is: length measurement of the value error and the detection error. It is recommended that the recalibration frequency is one year. 


1. When need to calibrate 21 errors?

The 21 errors are the basis of the three coordinate accuracy, and the calibration is more complicated. Although it is not included in the specification, the calibration of 21 errors is necessary in the following situations: the acceptance of new machines; when the calibration result of length measurement error is very poor; the coordinate machine moves; after the coordinate machine is repaired.

2. What devices are required to calibrate a CMM?

The standard for calibrating the three coordinates is: the size of the corresponding level gauge block to 1000mm. laser interferometer; electronic level meter; the square; standard ball, etc.

3. Something about the specification - JJF1064-2000.

The customer can choose to use 5D laser interferometer to calibrate the single-axis display value error, and use the gauge block to calibrate the value error of the diagonal line. To measure 25 points from different directions of the standard ball with a CMM probe and record the coordinates of these 25 points. Using all 25 measured value to calculate the center of the least squares sphere. The maximum distance between the 25 measurements and the spherical coordinates is the detection error. When the customer needs to conduct 21 error calibration, 21 items will be added to the above scheme.

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