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The Automatic Video Measuring Instrument

Aug 10, 2017

The automatic Video Measuring Instrument is the main measuring equipment of the traditional optical era, which has made great contribution to the industrial development in recent decades. Compared with the traditional measuring tool, the Video measuring machine has high precision and stability, which have promoted the high standard and high precision of the manufacturing industry and has become the new measurement standard of manufacturing industry.


The video measuring machine(VMM) transforms the traditional tool metering mode into the optical projection to further enhance the computer screen measurement based on the digital image era. The development of measurement technology has shown that there is a transitional product with the display of the link computer, which is currently in the development stage. The operating principle of the video instrument is based on the computer measurement technology and the powerful space geometry software. The automatic optical measuring instrument can be divided into the digital automatic measuring instrument and the hand-operated measuring instrument.

The development of the digital age promotes the measuring technology of long step, people for the sake of precise process requirement, automatic video measuring machine is also the inevitable outcome of The Times. The same as the other digital technologies, VMM is composed of software and hardware. The digital imaging system, which has a mind on the video meter, installed software with its own soul. Measuring technology enters the digital age.

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