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The Application of the Coordinate Measuring Machine in Practice

Aug 03, 2017

Coordinate measuring machineat present is not only a kind of laboratory measurement instrument, but is widely used in machining and assembly workshop. In the automotive industry, the CMM is the necessary measuring tool of product quality assurance and quality control. The application of the coordinate measuring machine in practice is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1.  Product quality inspection.

Due to product processing shape becomes more and more complicated, higher and higher precision, the CMM gradually become the main fixture of the product quality inspection. It is used to issue all machining dimension inspection to ensure to provide qualified products to next working procedure. In each processing procedure, as long as there is a status change should send for CMM detection, such as replacement of tool, machining time or program. For extremely complex mechanical parts, traditional fixture already cannot satisfy the requirement of quality control, at the same time the processing and design of gauge becoming a difficult problem because of the complexity of the processing, so the coordinate measuring machine become the main means of quality inspection.  


2. Understand the adjustment status of the equipment.

If the measurement results show that the processing of parts size are biased towards one side of the tolerance zone, it shows that equipment is not transferred to the best, we can adjust equipment or fixture when necessary.

3.  Timely understand the development trend of process, and send out warning signals to the state of products and equipment.

If the size of the machined part of systemic in one direction drift, indicating the tool wear, thermal drift, or other factors. If found by measuring the geometrical parameters of form error is more and more big, shows the knives dull, friction increasing, processing of oscillations, and so on. So we need to remind relevant personnel to take timely measures to remedy.

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