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The Application of Contactless Optical Measuring Instrument in Plastics Industry

Feb 01, 2018

The non-contact image measuring instrument is also called the 2D optical measuring instrument. Compared with the traditional projector, the measurement accuracy is higher and the operation is more convenient. Compared with the contact measuring instrument, it is mainly equipped with optical lens for scanning measurement, without direct contact with the workpiece, which is the best choice for the measurement of the plastic industry.


For the detection of plastic products, most of them are the plane size, appearance size, thickness and profile of the workpiece. The modern plastic mold processing and manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, with the rapid development of the mold industry market competition. The machining cycle is shortened and the cost is reduced, but the accuracy is not reduced. Therefore, how to improve the production capacity of processing equipment, and have the efficient quality control method becomes the key to the success of the plastic mold manufacturing enterprises in the competition.

At present, in the whole plastics industry, there is large quality and performance difference between batches, the reason is that the detection technology is not qualified. NANO optical measuring instrument adopts the original imported performance measurement system and software system, which can realize high efficiency and accurate mass detection. Suitable for precision parts testing and quality control. It is widely used in machinery, electronics, hardware, plastic, mould and other industries.

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