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Technical Features of Modern Optical Image Measuring Instruments

May 31, 2018

Modern measuring instruments have developed from mechanical measurement in the past to non-contact optical image measurement technology with high integration of photoelectromechanical integration. Compared with traditional measuring instruments, non-contact optical image measuring instruments have the following main features:

A. Diversity Measurement

Modern measurement methods include laser scanning measurement and optical image measurement, especially optical image measurement, which have been popularized and applied in recent years. Using the sensor technology, electronic technology, software technology and integrated disciplines such as optical CCD imaging technology, image processing analysis and test of the measured product, effectively solve the uncertainty caused by human factors on the product, improve the accuracy of the detection.


B. High precision Measurement 

The precision of the optical image measuring instrument developed from mm, micron meter to nanometer level, the measurement precision grade has a great development, the accuracy of non-contact optical image measurement can reach micrometer and nanometer level through scientific analysis of the image processing method, which provides the reliable guarantee for development of manufacturing.

C. Effective Measurement 

Modern optical image measuring instrument can realize automatic mass detection, traditional detection methods are manual, single detection. If we want to do mass production or full inspection, etc., it can cause low detection efficiency, and add more uncertainty. Non-contact optical image measurement, through automatic servo control, coupled with reasonable tooling inspection equipment will greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of detection, suitable for mass production and detection.

D. Diversity Measuring range

The same optical image measuring instrument can detect various elements such as length, angle and roundness. Non-contact optical image measuring instruments can simultaneously detect various elements such as length, angle, roundness, etc.

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