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Some Safety Rules of NANO CMM

Nov 10, 2016

1. Safety precautions when the machine is being operated

a) The measurement area should be in DX, DY, and DZ indicated in Diagram 2-1 

b) Don’t use unqualified CMMs.

c) No rest when the work piece is being measured, if you need a break please stop the measurement first, then move the X Y Z axes away from the work piece by the operation box, and push down the emergency switch. 

d) Do not try to let the machine rapid steering or reverse.

e) When the machine is manual and you operate the machine with hands to measure the part, please keep at a right lower and constant speed.

f) Make sure to set the appropriate rollback distance when the small hole or the slot is being measured.

g) Before you run the measurement programs, please make sure you have already set up the correct coordinate system, if not sure please check and set up the correct coordinate system. 

h) Before operation, please check the machine accessories, components and the material of the measured work piece, which can influent the measurement and the machine normal running.

i) Don’t slow down or stop the machine’s motion with any part of your body.

j) Don’t run the motorized CMM with any part of your body.

k) As for the new edited program, please do a trial run at a low speed and pay more attention to the real running status.

l) When the measurement is done, please keep any other stuffs away from the measurement area.

m) Don’t set to change the parameters which can protect the hardware and the software of the CMM.

2. Electric appliance use rules

a) Make sure that the electric appliance grounds well and reliably.

b) Make sure that every cable is in the protective cased pipe.

c) Make sure that the lengthened cable’s appearance is not broken and inside cable doesn’t get exposed.

d) The electric appliance is prohibited to be near the area where there is water or oil. If there is water or oil near the coordinate measuring machine, please clean the area.

e) Don’t touch the electrical component or the electric equipment with your wet hands.

f) Don’t open the electric cabinet to disassembly, mount or maintain the electric system, when without any professional person’s guidance.

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