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Selection of CMM Detection System

Sep 04, 2017

The typical coordinate measuring machine(CMM) detection system consists of four parts: measuring head, probe extension part, stylus adjustment or extension and stylus.

A. Probe

Theprobe head types available include contact, non-contact, manual and auto. Manual contact probe requires the user to intervene, so that the component program needs to be suspended at the junction point, thereby increasing the measurement time of direct control of the computer and affecting the accuracy of the measurement. The selection of the probe should consider target accuracy.

B. Probe Extension Part

The selection of the probe extension part depends on the type of measurement required, the accuracy of the measurement, the quality of the probe used, and the stiffness of the probe joint. The probe extension part is located between the probe and the contact trigger.


C. Stylus Extension Part

The stylus extension and the adaptor can enable measurements to help the probe detect hard-to-reach places. The components used include a steering knuckle, a star type stylus. A simple extension and the M3 / M2 and M5 / M4 adapters that allow the probe to connect different thread sizes. It is important to note that if the stylus used is smaller than the size of the thread, the stiffness of the probe can be reduced, which will reduce the accuracy. Use a stylus that is larger than the probe thread, which will lead to a wrong trigger.

D. Stylus Selection

There are two main points to consider for stylus selection, namely to meet the requirements of contact, and the measurement of all points on the work-piece is not interfered and repeatable at the contact point.

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