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The Advantages of Manual, Semi-automatic and Full-automatic CMM

Sep 22, 2016

Three coordinate measuring machine(CMM) is a kind of measuring machine which can represent geometric shape, length and circumference of a circle dividing within the scope of a space. It can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic type.

Semi-automatic CMM, compared with automatic CMM, is lack of full automatic needle probe system. When the work-piece is measured according to the program, once to transform the probe to different angle, it must use artificial transformation.

In terms of accuracy, manual three coordinates measuring machine is pure manual operation, so the random error is more than automatic type. Full-automatic coordinate measuring machine, compared with semi-automatic, fully automatic CMM is with automatic control system at the time of measurement, which can carry out batch measuring through programming. So compared with the manual three coordinate measuring machine, the automatic type greatly improve the detection efficiency.

In terms of price, manual type since there is no motion control system, so the price is relatively low. In general, manual type has a high requirement on the operators, the more experience operators have, the higher accuracy can reach. Generally, if inspecting amount is small and the accuracy is not high, can choose manual CMM. Semi-automatic type has certain advantages in price compared to automatic CMM. But on the measuring efficiency, fully automatic machine is better.

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