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Safety Precautions of CMM

Sep 08, 2016

1.The operator and the maintenance person must be familiar with the related knowledge about the CMM. They also should have related experience. Then the persons can do the operation..

2.The moving parts of the CMM have potential possible harm to people. During operation, it is strictly prohibited to place your body in the measurement space of the machine, especially your head under Z axis.

3. When the machine is running or on the standby mode, don’t lean on the machine or sit on the worktable.

4. When the machine is running, don’t place other work pieces or items into the measurement space, especially any part of your body.

5. Don’t place any item on the guide way, especially the stuff which is oily and dirty.

6. When the operator is to place or take down the work piece, please move the related components of the CMM to safe positions and push the emergency button, then place or take down the work piece.

7.When stylus is hit accidently, the CMM will stop automatically. When probe body or head and Z axis hit other object, it may cause damage to equipment and accessories. Please press the emergency switch before collision.

8.Please do not place CMM in vibration environment.

General Rules:

a) After you have a thorough understanding of how to take protective measures and treatments in case of emergency, and then try to run the machine.

b) Enhance safety awareness to in case of the factor which can cause unsafe accident.

c) After you have a thorough understanding of how to take protective measures and treatments when the emergency takes place, you can try to start the machine.

d) Regularly check whether some parts loosen, fall off or get broken.

e) Teak measures to prevent safety devices from losing efficacy.

f) While the machine is being inspected and maintained, the machine operation is prohibited.

g) It is not allowed to use the CMM, if its accreditation date is expired.

h) A broken machine is prohibited to use. Please stop using it immediately when there is something wrong with the machine.

i) Please write down the problems when everyday use, the after-sales engineer will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Please inform us if any questions or advice