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Reverse Engineering Development Direction and Key Technologies

Jul 20, 2017

Geometric modeling is a key link in the process of reverse engineering, enhance the automation of reverse engineering geometry modeling and versatility is a key point in the research of reverse engineering. This kind of reverse engineering geometry modeling automation system has reflected the characteristics of the design intent modeling, the output of B-rep model are fully compatible with the existing commercial CAD system. The key technology of system is the automatic extraction of characteristics, combination of free-form surface smooth connection.

Improve the integration of the system, some things is not required of a CAD model, or the fastest to manufacture products, which need digital system combined with the CMM directly; In addition, some products (such as the design of injection mold) need to CAE analysis for many times, CAE model produced directly by the data points, which can greatly improve the product's design and analysis process.

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CMM can be divided into two types: contact measurement and non-contact measurement. Contact measurement method by probe sensor contact with samples and record the coordinates on the surface of the sample, which can be subdivided into some trigger type and continuous type data acquisition method. For the aerospace, automotive and other industry, we can generally choose contact measurement of large samples, in order to meet the accuracy requirement. Because in trigger type measurement, we can artificially plan the contact points, such as get more points in the area of large curvature or sharp curvature or less points in the flat area. Combined with the modelling method, data points can organize the form that needed by the model re-built software according to the requirements. Then re-build the CAD model according to the artificial to characteristic line and curve grid, which reduce the difficulty and workload of data processing. The only disadvantage of this method is the inefficiency. 

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