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Preparation Before Testing by Using CMM

Oct 26, 2017

1. The operator should return the probe back to the origin of the coordinates before the formal lifting of the work-piece, so as to reserve a larger space for the formal hoisting, which will facilitate the smooth inspection of all kinds of large inspection objects. At the same time, when the work-piece is mounted, it should be stable, so that it cannot hit any part of the coordinate measuring machine.

2. If the operator wants to improve the detection accuracy of the equipment, it is necessary to install the parts correctly so as to ensure the accuracy of the equipment. The operator should ensure the isothermal requirements of the parts and the measuring machine before installation, ensuring that the objects being tested are put into the equipment several hours in advance.

3. The operator also has to establish the correct coordinate system in advance to ensure it can be measured correctly.

4. When the operator makes up the program, it is also important to ensure that the program can run automatically, preventing the probe from interfering with the work-piece and causing the program to run error-free

5. After the measurement, huge work-piece should be put down on the table, in time to avoid the table under too long bearing condition, guarantee the use efficiency of equipment.

6. Should clean the table countertop of the coordinate measuring instrument in time to ensure the working environment and provide a better environment for the staff.

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