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Portable CMM Classification and Application

Sep 20, 2018

A. Portable CMM Usage

1. Photoelectric CCD portable CMM working principle:

The sensor component includes camera, mounting base and tripod, and the detection system includes measuring light pen, probe set and wireless communication device. Using the precise digital photogrammetry technique, the CCD measures the three-dimensional coordinates of several infrared light emitting diodes (LED) embedded in the light pen to obtain the position and attitude of the light pen in space (six-dimensional parameters). Because the probe connected to the light pen has been precisely calibrated, the position relation between the probe and the light pen is uniquely determined, so the system can accurately calculate the three-dimensional coordinates of the detection point.

 2. Arm portable CMM working principle:

An intelligent sensor unit consisting of an Angle sensor, a temperature sensor, a strain sensor and a single chip microcomputer is arranged in the arm measuring machine, the sensor unit connected through bus connection, and communicate with PC through the interface. The single chip computer completes the collection of each sensor data and uploads the data to the PC, realizes the communication and data processing with the single chip computer, and transmits the coordinate data to the standard three-coordinate measuring software through the dynamic link library.

B. Portable CMM Advantage

Simplifies the measurement of some products that cannot be moved on the machine workbench. It can be directly placed in the product or installed in the parts, which can be directly measured now, saving the time of mobile parts, making the whole work efficiency can be quickly improved.

And the product can be measured in every direction, without space and orientation constraints. With the rapid development of CMM technology, it has become an indispensable product in the manufacturing process of modern technology, which is loved and concerned by various manufacturers and ensures the production quality of each product for the manufacturers.

C. Portable CMM Application Fileds

It is mainly used in machinery, automobile, aviation, military industry, furniture, tools, prototypes, small and medium-sized machines, tooling and other accessories, mold and other industries in the enclosure, frame, gear, CAM, worm gear, worm, measurement of blade, curve and curved surface and so on, can also be used in electronic, metal, plastic and other industries, can be the work-piece size, shape, form and position tolerances of precision detection, so as to complete parts inspection, such as shape measurement, process control task.

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