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Overview of Video Measuring Machine

Sep 11, 2017

It is developed from the traditional projector based on the combination of light, machine, electricity and computer image technology. Applicable to the instrument, electronics, machinery, hardware, plastic, etc, so it is used widely in modern enterprises.

A high-power optical microscope will magnify the image, then the CCD system will magnify the image to the computer, and then generate the complete engineering drawing by computer software. (including the outline of workpiece and the size of the surface shape, angle, etc.). Diagrams can be generated by the Word, Excel and DXF form. The video instrument can also be regarded as a real-time detection device. If the equipment is in accordance with the product requirements, there will be no image lag. The worktable size is generally determined by the work-piece.


On the working principle, fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual measuring instrument has a certain difference. Automatic video measuring instrument is developed based on CNC image instrument of optical non-contact measuring instrument, its more powerful, higher precision, the operation is more convenient. Automatic video measuring instrument can realize the switch of focus, study, learning and memory functions. This will improve the working efficiency, saving the cost.

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