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Overview of NANO Royal Series CMM

Oct 05, 2017

Royal is new-generated CNC CMMs with a mature and word-class technology under mass production at NANO. This machine has adopted precision slant girder technology (patented) designed by advanced F.E.M. (finite element method), which has the high precision, high performance and high steady characteristics. The machine’s perfect style, strong rigidity, lightweight and close frame movable bridge structure, which configured with the world famous high-quality specific 3D CMM control system, makes it become the highly appreciated product by comparing with its competitive price and high practical quality. It will meet customer’s challenging demand with a comprehensive measurement solution. 

Drive system adopts unique patent (Patent NO. ZL 2014 2 0529248.2) wire transmission, which Guarantee the drive’s fastness, precision and perfect movement. 

Three axes adopt granite as the substrate whose stiffness, strength and stability are better than that of other non-ferrous metal, thermal expansion coefficient is small, three axes have the same temperature characteristic.


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