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NANO 3D Instruments Training Contents

Sep 20, 2016

First Quarter: Knowledge of preschool

1.Coordinate Measuring Machine Overview;

2.Working Principle(Moving, Measuring, Counting);

3.Air System Explanation;

4.Hand terminal function Explanation;

5. Startup & Shutdown;


7. Inspect Basic knowledge of customer.

Second Quarter: Debugging of the probe head

1.Software Interface Introduction;

2.Probe, Sphere Setup;


4. Probe Calibration and Using.

Third Quarter: Basic elements

Measuring Method, Compensation Method, Computational Method(Advanced Class).

Fourth Quarter: Structure Function

Fifth Quarter: Coordinate

1.Normal Coordinate Setup;

2. Theoretical Coordinate Exchange;

3.Fitting Coordinate Setup;

4. Coordinate iteration.

Sixth Quarter: Form and location tolerance

1. Form tolerances;

2. position tolerance;

3. Computational Method(Advanced Class)

Seventh Quarter: CAD

1. Advanced Class;

2. Model information pick up, the model coordinate system transformation and alignment;

3. Digifax Comparing Measurement.

Eighth Quarter: Program

1. Learn Programming;

2.CAD Programming;

3. Advanced Programming (Advanced Class)

Ninth Quarter: Report output

Tenth Quarter: Special Measuring Software (If have)

□Cam  □Gear   □Worm And Gear  □Blade  □Extra Optical System   

□Laser   □Online education   □Pipe  □Data statistics

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