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NANO Patent CMM Anti-vibration Cushion

Sep 27, 2016

NANO CMM anti-vibration (base support) are five professional shockproof mechanism with the patented technology which satisfies the requirement of mechanical stability at 3 point, increases the bearing capacity of the machine and ensures better stability and repeatability of the machine! (Patent NO. : ZL 2014 2 0529330.5)


This practical new technology is damping by rubber. Placing the rubber pad in the upper and lower damping rubber block matrix, inserting the two insert into each other by using the up and down guide posts to ensure location. Four threaded holes on the two matrix substrate can be connected to the damping CMM or ground. Quadrilateral is equipped with guide pillar, which can effectively prevent the overthrow or rollover because of unilateral force of damping device.

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